Thermoplastic Hot Melt Adhesives

Copolyamide (Co-PA)

JCC-PA series are thermoplastic Copolyamide in granule and powders of different particle sizes. Because of its high bonding strength and good chemical resistance, CO-PA hot melt adhesives are very widely used for textile lamination. It is often used in the bonding of textiles, leather, foam, paper, metals and polymers for electrical, mechanical, automotive, furniture and other industries.

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Copolyester (Co-PES)

JCC-PES series are thermoplastic Copolyester in granule and powder of different particle sizes. JCC-PES series include hot melt and solvent-based types, which were often used in industries like garments & textiles, automotive interiors, filters, paint & ink, shoes materials, outdoor supplies, etc.

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Modified PA Material

Modified Polyamide hot melt adhesive series are polyamide hot melt adhesive resin modified by Polycondensation. It has good heat/cold/oil resistance, it is odorless, flexibile, fast curing and etc.

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Web Adhesives

JCC web adhesives are hot melt adhesives produced in non-woven form. It can be conveniently operated by continuous or intermittent processes. It has excellent resistance to water washing, dry cleaning, high/low temperature, it also has good breathability, soft hand touching, strong adhesion, high viscosity.

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Film Adhesives

JCC film adhesives are hot melt adhesives produced in film form with back paper or without back paper. It can be convenient to either continuous or intermittent processes. It can be widely used for bonding fabrics, paper, polymer material and metal.

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